About us

The METAL FOUNDRY KADALT was found in the year 1990 in Bytów in province Pomeranian. At the beginning one's activity the company acted under name UZSO and produce door-handle made of aluminium, brass as well as steel products. The field of products was successively broadened, simultaneously perfecting quality of the castings.

At the present METAL FOUNDRY KADALT produces aluminium castings in the three technologies:

  • sand mould
  • gravity
  • high pressure die casting

The production of aluminium castings is the main activity of company. We also make castings in brass, zinc, ZnAL. Our production include different kind the elements of machines and devices, bicycle parts, building fiting - door handle, as well as other elements according parameters technological and norm agreed upon with the client.

We co-operate with company from terrain of whole Poland, Europe. One-third of our products is directed for export. Our clients are companies from Germany, Holland, Swiss. Our experience and quick realization of orders assure our customers the satisfaction with co-operation.

Odlewnia aluminium KADALT od 1990 roku lat działa w branży odlewniczej metali nieżelaznych.  Naszą specjalnością jest produkcja odlewów aluminium w technologii ciśnieniowej. Współpracujemy z firmami które działają w systemie ISO 9001 : 2015 co potwierdza wysoki poziom naszych odlewów.


Adres: ul. Przemysłowa 10,

77-100 Bytów, Polska

woj. pomorskie

Telefon / fax: +48 59 822 20 82


Godziny pracy: 



Zapytania ofertowe: +48 504 027 006


Odlewy aluminiowe:

-produkcja odlewów ciśnieniowych: masa do 3 kg siła zwarcia maszyny max. 550 T

-odlewy w formach kokilowych o masie do 20 kg

-odlewy piaskowe do 50 kg

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